Studies in Childhood, Learning and Identities as Interactional Practices (CLIP)

The research is directed to studies of childhood, learning and identities as socially situated interactional practices in relation to broader educational contexts. The research group has an explicit interest in the development of theory and method, and competencies within ethnomethodology, conversation analysis and discourse analysis. A specific interest is in the study of children's, young people's and adults' (professionals, parents, etc.) agency and participation, identity work (gender, class, ethnicity, language, age, disability, etc.), children's rights and communicative practices in informal and formal educational contexts.

Current ongoing projects (total 5) and national research schools (total 2) focus on: interactive technologies, literacy and learning in childhood; school bullying prevention programs and children's interactional practices; children/boys in special needs practices; young children, globalization and literacy in preschool settings.

CLIP assembles a large group of doctoral students in Education (9) and senior and junior researchers (8) from the disciplines of Education, Child and Youth Studies, Language Studies, etc., meeting regularly every other Monday for a research seminar and data-workshops in an Interaction seminar. Primary missions and goals are dedicated to integrate doctorial training and postdoctoral research in the seminars and other activities, promote analytic proficiency in basic empirical (mainly videobased) research and encourage international publications.

Scientific leader: Ann-Carita Evaldsson, professor in Education


Ann-Carita Evaldsson, Karin Aronsson, Gustav Lymer,Katarina Gustafson, Janne Kontio, Sofia Lundmark, Helen Melander, Farzaneh Moinian, Jonas Risberg, Johanna Svahn, Gabriella Gejard, Niklas Norén, Kristina Walldén Hillström, Emma Abrahamsson, Olga Kuvaldina, Danielle van der Burgt, Tanja Joelsson, Marie Karlsson


Child and Youth Studies
Learning, interactive technologies and narrative remembering.
Network in Literacy

The research group participates in undergraduate education

The members teach in Pedagogy, Social studies, Child and youth studies in addition to the teacher educations.

Several of the members teach Pedagogy at advanced level (Master and PhD)


CLIP organizes bi-weekly seminars (Mondays even weeks) and datasessions (Tuesdays even weeks). At the seminars we discuss texts in progress, and receive invited guest speakers. At the data sessions, the focus is on analysis of data from ongoing projects.


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