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About the Department of Education

The Department of Education is a unit at the Blåsenhus Campus, situated between the Castle and the Botanical Garden in the heart of Uppsala. The department employs some two hundred teachers, researchers, and administrators in a broad spectrum of fields in educational sciences.

We are responsible for three third-cycle (doctoral) subjects – curriculum studies, education, and sociology of education. Besides third-cycle study programmes in these subjects, we also offer study programmes in childhood and adolescence studies, digital media and media education, drama, educational leadership, and special education. The department is in charge of the Master Programme in Educational Science and the Master Programme in Educational Leadership and has extensive educational involvement in several other programmes at the first and second levels (bachelor, master), such as the Bachelor Programme in Behavioural Sciences, The Human Resources Programme, and the Teaching Programmes.

The department is home to several creative and successful research environments, including the Research Unit for Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy (STEP), Studies in Language Practices (STOLP), Studies of Meaning-making in Educational Discourses (SMED), Uppsala Studies of History and Education (SHED), and the Sociology of Education Workgroup. We are also responsible for two national graduate schools.

An important aspect of our department operations is our contract education. We tailor courses and programmes, etc. for public authorities, municipalities and county councils, and businesses.

We see the future of our department as bright. We have competent, involved, and forward-looking associates in all of our areas. We strive to provide courses and study programmes of high quality in which we make use of available technological tools to adapt our teaching to the disparate needs of students and clients. It is our ambition to be one of the University’s most dynamic and exciting departments for you to study or do research at.

Welcome to the Department of Education!