Higher seminar in didaktik: "Violent literature in teaching. Companion meanings and the borderlands of aesthetics and ethics in pedagogical uses of fiction”

In this research seminar, Linn Areskoug will present a book chapter on companion meanings and teaching content when fiction and film are used for pedagogical purposes. In Sweden, scholars, teachers, writers and readers argue about the usefulness of fiction in pedagogy. This debate often focuses on whether fiction should be read for its own sake, or if it could be a tool to learn something else outside of the text. Researchers who are opposed to talking about fiction as a “tool”, would say that the literary text would run the risk of being contaminated and degraded when used as a means for something else than the mere aesthetic experience in itself. On the other hand, if you are not taking the aesthetic qualities into account at all, you run the risk of missing out on specific experiences related to the aesthetic qualities of the text. In the book chapter, Areskoug makes the case that we should move away from this specific squabble of art-for-art’s sake, and instead explore the affective responses to aesthetic expressions as a space of learning.

Taking Areskoug’s book chapter as a point of departure, a discussion on aesthetics and ethics in connection to the concepts of proximity and distance in relation to teaching content and companion meanings will be in focus at the seminar. Furthermore, the discussion will circle around an interest in “educative moments” (Garrison, Östman & Håkansson, 2015), as well as an understanding of the integrative model of educational practice (van Poeck & Östman, 2019).

The book chapter is in Swedish, but the seminar will be held in English. If all seminar participants speak Swedish, however, the seminar language will be Swedish.

Please contact Linn if you want to receive the book chapter and zoom link.