Studies of Language Practices (STOLP)

Within the research environment Studies of Language Practices (STOLP), the research focus is set on different aspects of language practices children and adolescents participate in, both in and out of school. This includes first and second language development, reading and writing development, the design of reading, writing and literature teaching, and the assignment of Swedish-language teachers. The last years a special focus has been on issues concerning reading and writing practices in different school subjects as well as similarities and differences in language use in these subjects, i.e. disciplinary literacies. These studies are conducted in close collaboration with researchers in mathematics education, science education, and social science education.

Key issues in the research are what it means to become a participant and co-creator of various spoken and written language practices and how the practices are constituted. One central concern is to uncover the norms and values underlying the practices and how they can contribute to the marginalization of certain types of languageing, reading, and writing and thereby to the exclusion/inclusion of different groups of students. The basis for the selection of these issues is the knowledge that early-established patterns of languageing is a very prominent foundation to different types of choices later in life.


Jenny W. Folkeryd


Jonas AlmqvistOscar BjörkKajsa Bråting,  Charlotte EngblomJenny W. FolkerydÅsa af GeijerstamYvonne HallessonAnna Günther-HanssonKristina Palm KaplanCaroline LibergMalena LidarEva LundqvistNiklas NorénAnna NordlundThomas NygrenTomas PerssonJohan PrytzElin Westlund


- Mother Tongue Education
- Reading Development Group (RDG), PIRLS 2016, IEA
- Nasjonalt senter for skriveoppläring og skriveforskning, Norway


Analysis of text
Different types of written or oral texts are studied in a discourse analytical perspective.
Every third Wednesday, 13.15 – 15
Contact: Jenny W. Folkeryd

Research projects

Ongoing projects

Function, content and form in interaction. Students´ text-making in early school years. Funded by Swedish Research Council/UVK 2013 – 2017. Participants: Caroline Liberg, Åsa af Geijerstam, Jenny W. Folkeryd, Anna Nordlund, Elin Westlund and Oscar Björk, Uppsala University.

Digital writing and revisions in school year 3. Pilot project 2017. Participants: Charlotte Engblom, Uppsala University, Katharina Andersson, Högskolan i Gävle and Dan Åkerlund, Karlstads University.

Visualising Science in the Early School Years: Visual Content Formation in Young Students’ Multimodal Science Compositions. Thesis project 2014 – 2018. Doctoral student: Elin Westlund, Uppsala University. Supervisors: Caroline Liberg and Charlotte Engblom, Uppsala University and Anders Björkvall, Örebro University.

Collaboration with teachers for development of a literacy program for pupils with an intellectual disability. Funded by Vinnova 2017 – 2019. Participants: Charlotte Engblom and Nina Klang, Uppsala University.

To read or not to read: A study of reading practices in compulsory school. Funded by Swedish Research Council/UVK2017 – 2019. Participants: Monika Vinterek, Tarja Alatalo and Mats Tegmark, Högskolan Dalarna, Mikael Winberg, Umeå University, and Caroline Liberg, Uppsala University. 

Meaning-making Choices and Functions of Discourses in Prose and Narratives. Thesis project 2016 – 2021. Doctoral student: Oscar Björk. Supervisors: Jenny W. Folkeryd, Åsa af Geijerstam and Caroline Liberg, Uppsala University.

Projects in progress

Some of the projects in progress:

Testing approaches to reading. Construction of reading comprehension in disciplinary reading practices. Participants: Jenny W. Folkeryd, Yvonne Hallesson and Åsa af Geijerstam, Uppsala University, and Pia Visén, Linné University. 

Critical thinking in national tests: Subject specific or general skills? Participants: Thomas Nygren, Johan Prytz, Jesper Haglund and Åsa af Geijerstam, Uppsala University.

Talk in different disciplines in school. Participants: Niklas Norén

Finished projects

Some of the latest key projects:

Mining textual data for simplified reading. Funded by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation 2014 – 2016. Participants: Arne Jönsson, Erik Kanebrant and Johan Falkenjack, Linköping University, Caroline Liberg, Åsa af Geijerstam and Jenny W. Folkeryd, Uppsala University, and Sofie Johansson and Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock, Göteborg University.

Graduate school: The language of schooling in mathematical and science practises. Funded by Swedish Research Council/UVK 2010 – 2016. Supervisors: Caroline Liberg, Jonas Almqvist, Jenny W. Folkeryd, Åsa af Geijerstam, Anita Hussenius and Johan Prytz, Uppsala University, Lars Borin, Sofie Johansson and Emma Sköldberg, Göteborg University, Ewa Bergqvist and Magnus Österholm, Umeå University. Doctoral students: Ida Bergvall, Tomas Persson and Marie Ståhl, Uppsala University, Judy Ribeck, Göteborg University, and Anneli Dyrvold, Umeå University. 

The red thread. Funded by Educational means, Uppsala University 2013 – 2014. Participants: Jenny W. Folkeryd, Åsa af Geijerstam and Elisabeth Berg, Uppsala University.

Organizational patterns of interaction between children with severe speech and physical impairment and their everyday communication partners. Doctoral student: Maja Sigurd Pilesjö, Department of Language and Communication, University of Southern Denmark. Supervisor Gitte Rasmussen, University of Southern Denmark. Ass. supervisor: Niklas Norén, Uppsala University.