The Departments Open Research Seminars

The Department of Education also offers Higher Seminars in Education, Curriculum Studies and Sociology of Education.

Welcome to our Higher Seminars

Open Research seminars in Education

Studies in Childhood, Learning, and Identities as Interactional Practices (CLIP)
CLIP organizes bi-weekly seminars (Mondays even weeks) and datasessions (Tuesdays even weeks). At the seminars we discuss texts in progress, and receive invited guest speakers. At the data sessions, the focus is on analysis of data from ongoing projects.

Pedagogics and Special Needs (the PS-group)
For information about seminars please contact Claes Nilholm.

Seminar for curriculum theory and reform history
The Seminar for Curriculum Theory and Reform History of Reform meets every other Monday (uneven weeks) from 1:15 to 3:30 p.m.
If you are interested in taking part in the seminar, please contact Henrik Román

Seminar for Educational Leadership
The Seminar for Educational Leadership meets every other Monday (even weeks) from 1:15 to 3:30 p.m.
If you are interested in taking part in the seminar, please contact Daniel Nordholm

open research seminars in curriculum studies

The series of seminars on Comparative Didactics
The series of seminars on Comparative Didactics focus on comparative studies of teaching and learning within a number of different subject areas. Taking their starting point in methods of approach and results of studies within various fields of didactics, curriculum studies and education, the participants in the seminar undertake analyses aimed at creating knowledge relating to teaching, teaching content, learning and socialisation. The majority of the texts presented and discussed in the group’s series of seminars comprise drafts of book chapters and articles written by the members themselves. The members conduct research into a variety of curriculum studies fields, and the purpose of the seminars is among other things to use the participants’ questions and points of view to elucidate and discuss research into specific areas on the basis of perspectives other than their own.
The series of seminars on Comparative Didactics is held every third Wednesday from 13:15 to 15:00.
Scientific Director: Senior Lecturer Jonas Almqvist

Open research seminars in history of education

SHED organizes a seminar on History of Education at the Department of Education usually held on Thursdays between 13:15 and 15:00. 
More information about the seminars

interdisciplinary research seminars

CRISMOS SEMINAR: Critical Studies on Mobility
CRISMOS –  Critical Studies on Mobility Seminar is a collaboration on research and research seminars between two universities, Uppsala and Stockholm, and one research institute, The Nordic Africa Institute. The researchers come from different disciplines such as Education, Sociology, Sociology of Education and Science and International and Comparative Education.

The theoretical framework we work from include sociological perspectives on the social construction of mobility, social studies of Education and Science, feminist theory on labor migration, intersectional theory, gender in Higher Education, feminist post-colonial knowledge relations and critical race theory. The seminar is open to everybody with an interest in these topics, either as an interested participant or to present their own ongoing research. We are also keen on inviting those of you who work with these issues within the university- /department administration or in other organizations.
Seminar language: Swedish (and English if participants or invited guests are non-Swedish speaking)
Contact: Carina Carlhed

Uppsala Transdisciplinary Seminar in Sustainable Development (TRUST)
Sustainable development research is a key issue for Uppsala’s two universities. Basic and applied research on e.g. education, landscape architecture, cultural geography, history, ethics, language and literature, economy, urban and rural development, medicine and science and technology related to sustainable development is currently being conducted throughout various disciplinary domains in Uppsala. 
The Uppsala Transdisciplinary Seminar in Sustainable Development (TRUST) is a new initiative from scholars from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University to coordinate a scholarly environment for researchers and PhD students who conducts monodisciplinary and various forms of crossdisciplinary sustainable development research.
The purpose of TRUST is to increase internationalization of sustainable development research, generate new interfaces, research projects and international publications in collaboration with existing actors in the field. In addition, the seminar aims to coordinate and organize national and international conferences and workshops. The seminar invites researchers and PhD-students from all faculties. Both English and Swedish are used.
TRUST convenes at Blåsenhus, Von Kraemers Allé 1, Uppsala and is chaired by Dr. Eva Friman (Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development) and Associate professor David O. Kronlid (Department of Education)
Contact: Eva Friman, David Kronlid